Helping Fujifilm make their mark

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Helping Fujifilm make their mark

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The challenge

To strengthen their reputation for world-class capabilities in inkjet ink and dispersion manufacturing, Fujifilm tasked Atomic to design and build a new company website that could better convey the company’s ethos, vision and breadth of technically-advanced inkjet solutions.

The solution

Atomic’s first task was to immerse ourselves in Fujifilm’s market, its products and complex manufacturing practices. This gave an invaluable insight into Fujifilm’s business, but more importantly, allowed us to identify what set the iconic brand apart from its competitors.

The result, was a design direction that would position Fujifilm as the brand that takes a customer-focused approach, and provides expert knowledge to deliver products to meet the exact requirements of their customers.

The outcome

The outcome was a fully-responsive website that not only carried Fujfilm’s evolved brand identity, but also clearly conveyed the brand’s proposition for delivering world-class inkjet manufacturing solutions and products.

This was supported by a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that gives Fujifilm complete control over the site’s content.

Fully responsive

User research showed mobile usage was likely to be high across the site's audience so we ensured a robust and responsive design was implemented.

Making the complex, simple

Fujifilm's product offering and manufacturing processes are very complex This required a focus on presenting highly technical and complex product information in a clear and compelling way.

Evolving the brand

To enhance the user experience, we evolved existing brand components to modernise the look and feel, while remaining true to Fujifilm's core brand identity.

Keeping it iconic

Bespoke iconography was introduced in key areas of the site to support messaging, and aid navigation and sign-posting.