Delivering a seamless handover process


Delivering a seamless handover process

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The challenge

Long-standing partner, Scania UK, tasked Atomic to design and build a bespoke platform that could facilitate the handover of trucks between customers and Scania’s rental division. This was to replace their existing paper-based system that was proving inefficient and too time consuming for their network of rental depots across the UK.

The solution

One of the main goals of the project was to tailor the solution to the unique operational practices of Scania's rental division. Atomic therefore carried out a phase of discovery, working closely with Scania to fully understand the users' needs and how our solution could streamline current processes in order to save time, but also implement a secure digital audit trail which wasn't possible with the current paper-based system. Once designed, Atomic's web and app teams embarked on an agile delivery, working in close collaboration with Scania's own IT team, to deliver the system iteratively and begin receiving real-world feedback from across Scania's network of rental depots.

The outcome

The outcome was a bespoke mobile and tablet application that enabled Scania's staff to seamlessly carry out vehicle checks, before handing the vehicle over to customers. This was supported by a web-based admin system that allows Scania to create and update checklists for each vehicle type, and see an audit trail of all vehicles rented out to customers. It also allows Scania to self-manage users of the system from one central and secure location.

Streamlined vehicle checks

A custom API was built to allow the app to receive key vehicle information through a simple 'look-up' feature. This saves users time and also removes the risk of incorrect data entry.

Interactive damage logs

Taking advantage of the device's native camera functionality, recording vehicle damage was now possible in just a few simple taps.

A single source of truth

Tailored vehicle checklists were created to allow users to quickly perform vehicle inspections, with data syncing instantly with the backend admin database.

Secure audit trails

Once complete, the app allows customers to sign the handover report, creating an digital audit trail that would be mapped to individual rental vehicles.


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