360° connectivity on the other side of the globe

Vodafone New Zealand

360° connectivity on the other side of the globe

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Services we provided
  • API development
  • App development
  • UX/UI design

The challenge

As Vodafone New Zealand prepared to move into its flagship 18,000m2 Auckland office, Atomic was tasked to build a system that would allow its workforce to quickly gain their bearings and use the state-of-the-art ‘Smart’ building to its full potential.

The solution

Following a collaborative design and technical planning phase, Atomic developed the VLife mobile application. Its primary purpose was to streamline the workday of all Vodafone employees, allowing them to get the most out of the campus.

Built natively for Android and iOS the system integrated with a range of assets and systems across the campus. This enabled us to build custom functionality such as a cafe ordering system, guided way-finding to meeting rooms or other team members, and reserving office equipment across the new building.

The outcome

The system has allowed staff to work more efficiently while also impacting positively on their wellbeing. The data collected by the app has enabled Vodafone to ensure all aspects of the campus are being used efficiently and sustainably. The success of project came full circle with Vodafone extending its use to their Christchurch campus the following year.

What our clients say

“Working with Atomic has helped us deliver exceptional products over the years. Their work has always been phenomenal, and we hope to work with them in the future.”

Vodafone New Zealand

Beacon navigation system

We sent a team to New Zealand to supervise the installation of over 400 way-finder beacons. By triangulating the signals between the beacons, the app acts as an employee’s sat-nav within the building, directing them to specified locations on-site.

Café ordering & payment

By integrating with the internal catering system, the app allows users to pre-order and pay for food on entering the site (triggered when entering a geofence). The app also learns user habits, allowing users to quickly reorder their favourite food or drink based on previous purchases.

Connected technologies.

Employees are able to book other assets remotely using the app. This includes meeting rooms, desks, lockers and gym equipment. This data is captured in real time, giving Vodafone full visibility of how all assets across the campus are being used.


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