Making a dent in cyber security


Making a dent in cyber security

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The challenge

The average cost of a data breach for a company is $4.35 million, and despite a hacker attack occurring every 39 seconds, research has shown that only 38% of companies feel prepared. Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, was keen to help their business customers to combat this threat, so they approached Atomic to help with their cyber approach.

The solution

The solution was the world’s first gamified cyber-security training app. The app makes use of gaming principles to lead an employee through a real-world cyber-security scenario before giving the player a score and feedback based on their response times and decisions.

The outcome

The app combines real-world scenarios with a wide variety of questions and available responses to create a realistic simulated data-breach. It's release caused a real stir within the industry, leading to numerous iterations being implemented since it launch, as it's user base continues to grow.

Real world business tools

The player handles the simulated cyber-security breach using common tools including Email, Text, Voicemail, Video and Instant Messaging, making the game feel as real as possible.

Realistic scenario

The scenario played out in this first iteration of the app is intended to demonstrate the potentially terminal consequences of ignoring or under-estimating a threat, most of which arise from nuisance emails.

End of game report

To assist with training, the player is offered a detailed report at the end of the scenario, offering ways they can improve. This area is continuously under development with the goal that it will one day form part of an employee’s development plan.


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