Engaging a workforce with all the right ingredients

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Engaging a workforce with all the right ingredients

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The challenge

Recognising the need to adapt their internal communications strategy to reach and engage an increasingly remote workforce, Addo Food Group commissioned Atomic to design and build a bespoke staff employee app that could deliver rich content directly to the hands of their expansive workforce across 9 locations throughout the UK.

The solution

Research showed that employees are no longer engaged with high-volume or content-heavy communications. Instead, smaller, more digestible, bite-sized communications were deemed to be more engaging and stand a better chance of cutting through. Led by these insights, Atomic designed a bespoke mobile app that would act as an employee's own virtual message board - delivering tailored messages based on their preferences or job role. UX design was integral to the app's success. We carried out extensive user testing to establish design patterns that we knew would resonate with users. Introducing features such as the universally recognised 'Like' button gave the app some familiarity which aided uptake and early adoption.

The outcome

The output was the design and build of the 'MyAddo' app. Built natively for both iOS and Android, and powered by a web-based admin portal, the platform was launched across all of Addo's 9 UK locations as part of an employee engagement roadshow. Uptake was quick, with over 300 users signing up and downloading the app within the first two weeks. Since its launch, the MyAddo app has become an integral communication tool for Addo's entire workforce. It's helped improve staff retention levels, as well as significantly reducing the company's internal marketing budgets by digitising the majority of their printed communications.

One simple & intuitive message board

Employees know where to come to see the latest news and announcements, clicking through to their favourite posts - and even ‘Liking’ those they rate the most.

Creating content users will love

An intuitive content editor was built to allow Admin users to quickly create, edit and optimise content and campaigns.

Mass notifications in an instant

The ability to send tailored Push Notifications to all or selected user groups was built - ensuring urgent announcements had cut-through and didn't get missed.

Measuring success

A key feature within the Admin portal was a powerful analytics tool that provided Addo with real-time reporting on app usage and content engagement. These valuable insights would be used to optimise content and inform any future campaigns.


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