Product configurators – The key to lasting customer connections

Product configurators – The key to lasting customer connections page image

By incorporating configuration and customisation tools into your online platforms, you empower each customer to craft products perfectly aligned with their unique preferences and needs. This not only differentiates your offering, but forges deeper connections through tailored interactions that make people feel valued and invested in the process.

This is because visitors can fine-tune features, finishes, and other details to match their taste. It transforms a forgettable commodity purchase into a bespoke experience that resonates long after the transaction. Here’s why personalisation wins customer hearts while driving conversions…

It simplifies decision-making

Choices can be overwhelming, and decision fatigue is real. Personalisation tools simplify the decision-making process for customers. By guiding them through intuitive interfaces, you offer a streamlined experience that enhances their satisfaction and builds confidence in their choices.

Atomic developed in an-store product customiser used by retailers such as Dunelm and John Lewis to take the stress out of buying bespoke blinds and curtains. Read the case study here.

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It feels exclusive

Customers love the idea of owning something unique. Personalisation tools allow them to craft one-of-a-kind products that resonate with their individuality. This exclusivity creates a sense of ownership and pride, fostering a stronger connection between your brand and your customers.

Atomic developed a bespoke watch customiser for Bamford Watches that enabled online customers to design and order premium watches designed to their exact requirements. Read the case study here.

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They enable data-driven optimisations

Personalisation tools provide valuable data insights. Analysing customer preferences and choices enables you to refine marketing strategies, optimise product offerings, and tailor your approach for future interactions. It’s a win-win for both your business and your customers.

Engaging Interactions

A superior customer experience is a direct path to increased conversions. Personalisation tools engage customers actively in the shopping process, leading to a positive and memorable interaction. Effective product configurators and personalisation tools are proven to increase sales by up to 20%*.

Ready to embark on the journey of personalised product experiences? Contact us to speak to one of our Product specialists for a free, no obligation consultation.

*Source: Instapage
Jemma Jackson

Jemma Jackson

Agile Project Manager


9 January, 2024

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