The Neural Engine inside your iPhone

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You might not know it from using your iPhone or iPad, but there’s an ultra-advanced AI processor quietly powering many of the clever experiences you take for granted. It’s called the Neural Engine.

This custom-designed chip is optimised specifically for accelerating artificial intelligence workloads. It allows your device to run complex machine learning models to recognise objects, understand natural language, enhance photos and videos, and more – quickly, privately, and efficiently.

Over multiple hardware generations, Apple continues supercharging the capabilities of the Neural Engine. Compared to the initial version in 2017’s iPhone X, today’s variant found in the latest iPhone 15 devices is a staggering 5000% times faster based on Apple’s estimates. This blistering performance progression has unlocked transformative new AI abilities across Apple products.

For users, it means features like intelligent search in Photos, live text translations in Safari, incredible graphic fidelity in games, and other once unimaginable experiences on a phone or tablet. For developers, it provides a performance lift for integrating Machine Learning into their apps with Apple’s Core ML tools.

The Neural Engine exemplifies Apple’s relentless silicon innovation push unlocking experiences that set their devices apart. It underscores how custom engineering allows tightly integrating advanced machine learning without sacrificing privacy, battery life, or reliability.

So while you might not see the Neural Engine name itself often, rest assured it’s working tirelessly behind the scenes to fuel the magic of AI on Apple platforms. The next time your iPhone does something clever, you’ll know who to thank!

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Ryan Wright

Ryan Wright

Technical Director


27 November, 2023

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