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As Vodafone New Zealand prepared to move into its flagship, 18,000m2 Auckland office, we were asked to devise a system that would allow its workforce to find their bearings and use the state-of-the-art building to its full extent.

Having worked extensively with Vodafone in the past, we built an integrated API and Android/iOS app that eclipsed the functionality of our previous work.

Our approach

Tasked with the mammoth move in of 1,800 employees, Vodafone NZ needed an app that would help their staff navigate their way around the new campus, as well as making the ‘smart' building’s many offerings easily-accessible.

On the frontend, we designed an app that would streamline each employee’s workday and offer vital functions that saved both the individual’s time and ensured efficient use of the building. In the backend, our API and custom navigation system seamlessly integrated the entire building’s assets, from meeting rooms and desks to lockers and even bikes.

Working closely with Vodafone New Zealand's IT team through every step allowed us to create a contemporary tool for the employees of the technologically-innovative workplace.

Office productivity

  • Live management of site resources
  • Automated asset-booking system
  • Pre-emptive ordering

Employee wellbeing

  • All-in-one partner app
  • Streamlined, hassle-free work day
  • Notifications on the go

Innovative workplace

  • Custom navigation system
  • Payment framework
  • Sensory reporting
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All-in-one partner app

The app includes wayfinding and personnel-finding functions, a visitor check-in system, a payment system for the on-site cafe and even a valet request for the management upon arrival - all integral components to the busy staff working in the massive 6-floor structure.

Employees are able to book assets remotely, both for working applications (meeting rooms, desks, keyless lockers) and convenience (bikes, gym equipment, games consoles), giving the app use outside of someone's work needs and allowing Vodafone NZ to enact their forward-thinking personnel programs.

Live management of site resources

In the back end, we developed an API that would allow the app and its many functions to integrate with the smart building itself, acting as the company’s asset booking system.

Recognising when an employee is first entering the building's geo-fence at the start of the day, the app prompts the employee to pre-order their favourite food, offering them the opportunity to skip the queue at lunchtime. Calling upon past information, the system is intuitive enough to learn the employee's regular food order.

Contributing to the app's overall goal of creating an efficient, hassle-free workplace, this function streamlines both the employee's day as well as the resource allocation process for the catering management.

Custom navigation system

We employed a beacon-style navigation system in the building that would act as the user’s SatNav, directing them to their desired room with pinpoint accuracy. Using over 400 beacons allowed the system to triangulate the signals and find users accurately whilst directing them through the hundreds of hallways, lifts and stairs as required.

We sent a team to New Zealand to ensure the beacon technology was installed correctly, as well as giving training to the client.

Custom navigation system

Sensory reporting

For the next stage of the app’s development, a sensor-style notification system was to be set up so as to give even further information to employees regarding the state of the building’s many office areas.

Using heatmaps of sound and temperature gauging, the app would show which rooms were quiet, empty and even at the employee’s ideal temperature, therefore ensuring their comfort and productivity.

The outcome

The system we developed for Vodafone NZ hit all original objectives and thanks to the development of additional features between ourselves and the client, the app was able to offer unparalleled functionality to the massive workforce adopting it.

The project came full circle with the later introduction of the system to Vodafone’s Christchurch campus.






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