Keeping a grip on global tyre sales

Goodyear Dunlop

Keeping a grip on global tyre sales

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Services we provided
  • Agile delivery
  • App development
  • UX/UI design
  • Web development

The challenge

Goodyear approached Atomic to create a data driven sales app that could promote their broad range of products and drive home efficiency during sales to fleet buyers.

The solution

Our "user first" thinking from the outset ensured that we focussed on not only delivering a high quality technical product, but that it integrated seamlessly into the sales process and customer journey.

We determined a robust set of templates would be required to showcase the products along with some more interactive and feature rich elements. How are these tyres different? Why should I buy these over the competitors? Our ability to visualise the answers to these questions in an interactive way would give the sales team a powerful tool to convince customers to buy.

The outcome

The success of the app resulted in further development to fulfill the needs of other partner brands in the Goodyear family. From it’s inception as a truck app for Goodyear it was then expanded to incorporate the Dunlop brand as well as expanding into the Bus, Coach and Off Road sectors. There are current plans to expand into further product sector and subsidiary brands.

What our clients say

“The app was so well received it has grown to be used by several brands across multiple product ranges.”

Goodyear Dunlop Tyres Ltd (UK)

Attractive showcase

We developed a system of templates that would integrate readily with the existing brand. Designing them this way enabled any user to create new products or alter existing presentations with ease.

Calculate and compare

The app gave the salesperson the tools to compare tyres against other market leaders and use Goodyear's key differentiators to show the potential savings and performance improvements to the customer.

Custom content management

A simple to use editor with a powerful preview tool enables the administrator to feel confident in adding and editing presentations. Coupled with user access levels we ensure that data is checked before being packaged.