Getting to know… Amy Burstow, Product Designer

Getting to know… Amy Burstow, Product Designer

So Amy, how long have you worked for Atomic?

I’ve worked as a Product Designer at Atomic since October 2022.

What was your background and what stood out at Atomic to make you decide to join?

Before starting my career, I studied Graphic Design at the University of Lincoln. I spent 3 years learning the world of print design and once I graduated, I started my first role as a Graphic Designer for a local equestrian wholesaler in Lincoln where I worked for 2 years from 2017. During this time I worked very closely with some of their own brand labels as part of the marketing team. This involved me producing a wide range of media from brochures, catalogues, advertising, trade show media, photography, apparel design, packaging… the list goes on! It was a very hands-on job checking samples day-to-day, testing fabric swatches and colours, card stocks and print proofing.

My time as a graphic designer was very much short-lived as I began to learn more about the world of digital design and the tech industry as a whole. In 2019 I was offered my first role as a UX/UI designer for an agency whose HQ was based in Chicago, USA and had recently opened a small UK office in Lincoln. During this time I challenged myself and was tasked with working on large client projects across the globe from discovery to launch. I was learning new forms of digital media, software and design expertise, as well as understanding the value of having that agile mindset and the benefits that can be received. This role was a great step up and gave me the exposure I needed to progress as a Product Designer and help deliver outstanding products to future clients.

When I first saw the Product Designer position at Atomic, it felt like the perfect opportunity for me to continue my career as a designer with UK clients, rather than overseas. I knew I wanted to expand my relationship with clients and have more in-person discovery workshops, and testing sessions, but also work for a company that’s passionate about the exploration and ideation process. I knew I’d be challenged more working for Atomic, so it was a no-brainer.

Tell us a bit about your role

As a Product Designer, it is my responsibility to take ownership of complex design problems and deliver elegant and usable solutions rooted in visual and UX design best practices. I aim to prioritise high-impact areas of the project and am trusted to drive successful outcomes—for our customers and the company.

What I enjoy most about the role is that every project is a new challenge, and I can apply my knowledge and expertise to that challenge and deliver unique solutions.

How do you see your role developing over the next year or so?

Over the next year, I hope to continue improving any current products I’ve been working on and take them to the next level. I’d like to adapt my skills and knowledge to keep up with this ever-evolving tech industry (incoming AI…) and continue to solve and deliver great products with my team.

What do you most enjoy about working at Atomic?

The team at Atomic are such a great group of people. The working environment is super friendly and everyone is so supportive. The hybrid working approach is great for an easy work-life balance which I believe to be super important. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I love to explore new places with my partner, whether that be a new city for trying out new restaurants and finding the best bars, or looking for a new location to walk in the countryside with our greyhound. 

I also try to stay creative and keep busy doing something a bit more hands-on (something I miss not being a graphic designer!), at the minute I love to make soy candles –which involves a lot more science and mathematical equations than I’d hoped for!

Tell us something interesting about you!

I decided whilst on holiday in California 10 years ago with my family that I wanted to go to university and study Graphic Design. I had no backup placements, hadn’t attended any interviews, nothing. So I rang the University in the city where I lived at 3:00 am and applied through clearing, to which I got accepted! 

Thank you to my parents for spending $60 on a 5-minute phone call that jump-started my career.

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Rob Curley

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2 January, 2024

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