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On the surface, PPC advertising is a great idea, and a simple one too. You only pay for the clicks that come through to your website, so that’s money well spent. And in theory, that’s right. But how do you know that the clicks that are coming to your website are good leads? How do you know which keywords are working and which ones are just wasting your money? And can you afford to pay an employee a full time wage to monitor and adjust your campaigns?

At AtomicMedia, that’s exactly what we do. From your brief, we develop an inclusive digital marketing campaign, centred around pay per click advertising (PPC) that is aimed at getting the best return for your budget. We’ll conduct detailed keyword research, identifying the popular terms that fit best with your offering and attract the right audience for your business.

We then develop a campaign around those search terms, supported by unique and engaging content, expertly produced, ensuring that once we’ve attracted new visitors, we keep and convert them.

Our monitoring software allows us to track traffic through your site, from click through to conversion. From this we can identify which terms are most effective, while also highlighting any bottlenecks within the site. This enables our team to make fine adjustments to your campaign and to your site to ensure each click counts.

With a close working relationship with the top PPC advertising platforms, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads, our specialist team are able to provide the latest features and run the most cost-effective campaigns -  what's more, we offer up to £175 in advertising credit through our partnerships.

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