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Professional app design tailored to iOS and Android.

We’ve been designing and developing custom-made apps for over 15 years. We’ve earned such accolades as App of the Year (2018) and positioned ourselves as the Midlands’ leading app development agency.

App usage has grown almost as quickly as mobile phone technology, which is why we’ve invested massively in our team and our tech to ensure we stay ahead of the game and continue delivering fantastic work.

Our clients range from massive multinationals to local enterprise, all coming to us with the need of engaging their target audience. Thanks to a well-integrated team of Project Managers, App Developers and Technical Directors, we’re able to take the time to get to know businesses’ needs before designing fantastic solutions that work. Our team of app developers are experienced in a number of industries, as well as developing apps for both UK markets and internationally.

While consumer apps are the first port of call when thinking of mobile technology, we’ve developed an unparalleled reputation for enterprise apps. Having worked with companies such as JCB, Vodafone New Zealand and Scania, our enterprise solutions create efficient workflows and allow companies to embrace their forward-thinking ideas.

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Ready to see what native apps can do for your business?

Connecting employees at a centre for innovation


See how we helped the world largest mobile company to change staff lives in one of the most technologically advanced building in the world.

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Enabling a worldwide salesforce to operate out in the field


Having worked with JCB for many years and being a trusted partner we were approached to develop an app to be the ultimate salesperson's toolkit and reduce the requirement for expensive multi lingual print runs.

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Cyber security - Choose your own adventure game

IOS / UI + D

The prototype app was launched at Dentons’ Global Partners Conference in March. The app was extremely well received and a full release is now in development and due for completion later this year.

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"AtomicMedia's ability to combine best practice UI/UX principles with first class technical expertise has been instrumental in helping build HALO into the award winning app it is today. The team quickly understood our requirements and supported us every step of the way."


What is a 'native' app?

Native app development is when an app has been built in the language that it was designed to be built in. For Android this is Java, and for iOS it's Swift or Objective C.

How can I get my app on the App Store?

To put an app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store you will need an Apple Developer Account and/or Google Play Console account. For iOS your app will also need to pass Apple's extensive review process.

What software is needed for iOS app development?

A computer running MacOS is required to use XCode. You're constantly required to update both MacOS and XCode to make releases and keep upto date with security and features.

What software is needed for Android app development?

Generally we use Android Studio (which can be run on either MacOS or Windows). There are other alternatives out there such as Eclipse and Intellij, though the vast majority of Android developers will use Android Studio.

Do I need a native or hybrid app?

Hybrid apps can be suitable for basic apps or prototypes, but native apps are best suited for professional app development. You can read all about our opinion on hybrid native apps on our dedicated blog post.

What is a progressive web app (PWA)?

Progressive Web Apps are websites (or web applications) that use enhancements to web technology to deliver an app-like experience without leaving the original medium you were using.

What's an enterprise app?

An Enterprise app is an iOS app that is used internally within a business and doesn't appear in the public AppStore.

How much money can I make from an app?

It all depends on the idea, the implementation and the marketing - there's a lot more to generating income than just building an app. Certain genres are very competitive - Flappy Bird was making over $50k a day at its peak!