The importance of UI and UX in mobile projects

The importance of UI and UX in mobile projects

When it comes to developing for mobile devices, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are becoming increasingly important.

So much so that app development companies like Atomic are investing heavily in time, money and resource to become specialists in this field. But why are UI and UX so important when it comes to developing for mobile?

Design vs development

It’s estimated that for every £10 spent on design, a company can save up to £100 on development costs further down the line, which is a fantastic simile for the entire point of carefully considering the User Experience and User Interface before diving head-first into a project. 

We’ve summarised the key benefits that a well-researched UI and UX plan can bring.

Customer experience

When you have an app developed for your business, particularly a customer-facing app, each customer’s experience is a reflection of your business. If they enjoy using the technology, find it useful and have a positive experience, that will reflect positively on your business. Conversely, a poor experience will reflect badly on your business and may well lead to you losing that user’s custom.

Increased conversions

If you’re using mobile technology to sell to your customers, each time your website or app is activated by that user, this is your opportunity to sell them your product or service. With a slick, intuitive user interface, your users are more likely to find what they are looking for and are therefore more likely to convert to a sale.

User retention

By following strong UX and UI principles in developing for mobile, you stand a greater chance of getting repeat use of your app. In terms of customer-facing apps, the benefit to your business in retaining the users, is that you get to strengthen your relationship with the customer and heighten brand awareness each time they use the app.

In the case of mobile developments designed as business support tools, repeat use will ensure more of your staff are using the app more often which will provide you with more accurate reporting data, for instance sales or mileage figures. By ensuring your business app functions smoothly and offers a positive experience for its users, it will also be far more effective at supporting your staff in performing their roles and have a positive impact on efficiency as well as staff morale.

Solving the user’s problems

In an age of information overload and with multiple products vying for the attention of your customers, products that get their attention will be both useful and usable. Here at Atomic, we focus on making a user’s day easier, saving time and making interactions more seamless, essential elements in creating a positive user experience. To achieve this, we talk to users directly and getting feedback throughout the development cycle. This ensures the app we are developing not only meets their requirements, but does so in a satisfactory way that fits their personal preferences.

Reduced cost

By taking the time to carefully consider the functionality and layout of the app in the earliest stages, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of pain further down the line when user testing highlights design deficiencies. User input and feedback should therefore be considered from the outset of the development in order to save development time and cost. As aforementioned, every £10 spent on design can result in £100 saved further down the line – do the maths!

It separates you from the competition

There are now a whole array of apps available, and many of them capable of doing the same thing as the app or website you are developing. The thing that will set yours above the rest is the UX and UI. By understanding your user and ensuring your app addresses their needs effectively through the User Interface, thereby creating a more positive experience for the user and ensuring they keep your app or website at the top of their mind any time that need presents itself.

With UI and UX becoming such an important element of mobile development, we at Atomic have taken the time and investment to increase our understanding and focus in that area. If you would like to discuss your mobile development and how we can help your users to have a more positive experience with your business, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss the options with you.

Duncan Beiley

Duncan Beiley



4 September, 2021

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