Driving conversion through improved UX

Center Parcs

Driving conversion through improved UX

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  • UX/UI design

The challenge

Premier providers of UK forest holidays, Center Parcs, approached Atomic with a view to making improvements to the User Experience (UX) on their existing website, based on user feedback. Atomic were tasked with improving usability and providing users with greater control when using the website.

The solution

Working closely with Center Parcs product owners to identify what could feasibly be achieved within existing systems, we conducted exhaustive market research, speaking to customers and listening to their frustrations. Critical changes were then made to the User Interface to overcome these issues simply and effectively.

The outcome

Customer feedback, supported by ongoing research throughout the project confirmed that the elevated design offered a significantly improved UX for Center Parcs customers. Design outputs from the project also provided Center Parcs with a comprehensive suite of customer feedback and design protocols to ensure a consistent experience across the Center Parcs brand.

Understanding the customer

Our research gave Center Parcs a deeper understanding of customer preferences and behaviours which we used to inform the online strategy.

Consistency was key

New and improved UX helped to create a consistent and quality experience for customers - from their very first interaction as well as during their stay.


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