User-focused design
that gets results.

UX & UI Design.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are the heart and soul of any digital solution. This is what will drive your customer experience, ensure prolonged and repeat engagement and a high conversion rate.

At AtomicMedia, we have a team of experienced UI and UX specialists who will work with you to ensure we understand the true problem and develop a best-in-class solution. Always user-centered and driven by landscape reviews, market trends, benchmarking and primary research such as usability testing, in-depth interviews and stakeholder workshops, our mobile apps provide a pleasing user experience minimise friction and maximise the effectiveness of the solution

Discovery & Research

All of our work is based on solid foundations of in-depth research.

User Centric

Our process for design focuses on your users and their problems.

Problem Solving

Through collaboration we can solve complex design problems.

Design Thinking

We use design thinking to help us empathise with your users.

Design Sprints

5-day design sprints ran to help solve specific problems.

Experience Driven

All of our work aims to deliver the best experience for the end user.

Ready to see what native apps can do for your business?

Design sprints.

Our four day design sprints are a focused process in which we work with our customers to rapidly develop innovative solutions to big problems. Design sprints are a fast, effective way of identifying a solution to a problem and testing the viability of a proposed product, with a working prototype ready for testing by the end of a week, rather than potentially months using traditional methods.

A typical design sprint involves the following stages:

Day One: Fact Finding

Senior designers and specialists meet with client stakeholders to fully understand the nature of the problem and begin to amass potential solutions to the challenge.

Day Two: Explore, Sketch, Define

The same teams will meet to curate the proposed solutions and discuss the viability of each. The best solutions are decided on through a vote.

Day Three: Prototype

The prototype is sketched out by the sprint team and storyboards are created. Using these sketches, a useable prototype is designed and built.

Day Four: User Testing

The prototype is tested with real target end users. Feedback from the test is gathered in a report with next steps clearly identified.


Using the user testing feedback and prototyped MVP, you now have a validated solution to take forward.

The outcome of the Design Sprint is a high-fidelity, working prototype solution that can be used to to support the concept through further development, informed by ongoing user testing.

If you’re keen to get your idea off the ground or work through a solution to a challenge your business is facing, we have developed a process to run a full design sprint, completely remotely. So even with the current restrictions, you can still move your business forward.

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