Turning ideas into (augmented) reality

Having invested in an in-depth consumer research campaign, Vodafone UK came to us with the idea of giving their employees greater insight into their customer base.

Being presented with 7 main customer types, we presented these segments in an easily-digestible format, through which Vodafone's employees could connect with their customers.

The key goal for Vodafone was accessibility. Having invested heavily in an external research campaign, they wanted to make sure that the findings could be turned into useful, quickly-digested insights for their employees.

Taking the 7 customer types as what they are (types of people), we developed 7 personas that would be personable, tangible realisations of the data.

Using these personas as the basis of the campaign, we created a series of large format posters and an augmented reality (AR) app that could be used to bring them to life. With posters placed in Vodafone offices and stores all over the UK, employees could use our app to scan the 2D poster and watch a living, breathing persona through their screen.

Inspiring engagement

  • Quantified findings
  • Livening up the data
  • Easily-digested format

Presenting insights

  • Augmented reality personas
  • Specialised AR-ready app
  • Native iOS & Android development

Influencing behaviours

  • Gamified campaign
  • Measurable results
  • Nationwide rollout
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Inspiring engagement

With massive amounts of consumer data and carte blanche to present the customer types, we set out to bring them to life in the most creative, memorable fashion possible.

Using the determined customer types, our design team created living, breathing, realistic characters that communicated the customer type’s behaviour.

Augmented reality personas

Building in personalities, jobs, living situations, tech usage and app preferences to the character’s persona, our creative team ensured the characters would be as memorable to the employee as if they’d met a real person.

We then developed and ran an interactive campaign that integrated the AR app with physical landmarks around Vodafone’s Head Office in Newbury, which allowed employees to engage with each profile in live 3D. Known as the ‘Discover Our Customers’ campaign, the app challenged users to ‘meet’ each persona and complete a test on each different customer type once they’d met them all.

Specialised AR-ready app

First trialled at the Newbury HQ, we built a native iOS and Android app that employees could use to partake in the campaign.

While the 2D posters dotted around the campus would give away certain information about the personas, it’s only when employees scanned the poster using the AR-ready app that they would unlock the full extent of the information on offer - this ensured that any sensitive information on the customer type was only shared with employees and not the general public.

To make things even more interesting, Vodafone split their employees into teams based on their departments. With 17,000 employees taking to the stage, the campaign offered prizes to the top performing individuals and teams; the underlying goal being to make sure all the information sank in.

The outcome

Of 17,000 staff members, over 8,000 employees took to the campaign in the first month (90% of whom downloaded the app in the first week) and 86% passed the end-of-campaign test.

The success of the campaign shaped Vodafone’s future customer-facing strategy and led to the company rolling out the 7 personas as templates to its UK workforce. Our work with Vodafone continued on the global stage.


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“AtomicMedia's solution to our customer insight dilemma was impressive, both in its concept and the results it delivered. The use of augmented reality was a novel way of turning dull data into engaging content - creativity that's contributed to the great relationship our companies share.”


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