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Rise & Recline Ltd is a manufacturer of riser/recliner chairs and adjustable beds. The company supplies mobility up and down the UK with a focus on delivering a bespoke product within 7-10 days. Well-known in the industry through its wide retailer network, Rise & Recline wanted to reach a new audience in the digital age.

Our approach

We proposed launching a new website that delivered a user experience (UX) that was geared for the future, as well as a design that allowed for maximum search engine optimisation. With mobile phone usage continuing to grow, we knew it was vital that the website was responsive and provided an easy-to-use interface with clear typography and call-to-actions (CTAs).

Following the new site's launch, our Digital Marketing Team would work tirelessly with the client to devise the a strategy that would bring results for both the website and the company as a whole.

Complete website rebuild

  • Revised UX with E-commerce styling
  • Modernised design for a broad audience
  • Future-proof structure

Tailored SEO approach

  • Regular content audits
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Campaigns built around the business model

Efficient advertising

  • Targeting specialised search terms
  • Integrated social media strategies
  • Partnership outreach plans
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Modernised design for a broad audience

Alongside Rise & Recline's evolving business plan, they needed a developed website able to convert their new audience from viewer to buyer.

Aiming to target a broader audience than before required extra diligence from our designers, ensuring that a fantastic UX was implemented whilst not alienating previous customers who'd be familiar with the existing design. We tackled the new design with a well-thought-out page structure that would allow users to easily find their desired end result while putting an E-commerce style layout into effect in order to influence the buyer journey and help the business achieve their in-store sales ambitions.

Campaigns designed around the business model

Following the launch of Rise & Recline’s enhanced website, we put in place a digital marketing strategy that drove awareness of Rise & Recline as a brand, whilst also promoting their network of mobility stores - helping to drive more footfall and, ultimately, in-store sales. A successful organic search campaign continues to drive an increasing amount of traffic to their website, resulting in a significant number of requests for the company’s brochure and store location lookups. On average, organic search traffic has climbed by 27% year-on-year since the new website launched.

Efficient advertising

To accompany the search engine optimisation (SEO) work, Rise & Recline approached us to run paid search advertising (PPC). Our paid search team researched the market in-depth to find the search terms most likely to generate qualified leads. In a 12-month period, conversions increased by 102% compared to the previous year. This influx of leads came at no additional cost either; with total cost decrease of 33%, this marked a significant improvement for Rise & Recline’s cost per conversion.

The outcome

Rise & Recline were very happy with the re-design and launch of their website and have since gone on to achieve fantastic results through their close partnership with our Digital Marketing Team. Following the initial work, we've not only supported their many marketing campaigns using our digital capabilities but have also helped them grow the business even further via a B2B website aimed at the healthcare sector, in line with new developments in their overarching marketing plan. 

Rise and Recline have used nearly all of our digital services since first taking us on and we're proud to see this relationship achieve such results.


Organic growth year-on-year


Increase in conversions


Lower advertising spend

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