Keeping Scanias used vehicle market mobile

UI + UX + Design + iOS + API + Android

Building on our experience of delivering for this area and previous projects for Scania. As with many companies the key to future sales keeping the used vehicles market moving. Sale of used vehicles opens the way for new machines. With used vehicle depots throughout the UK, our join aim was to create a standardised set of tools to allow for the searching and marketing of used vehicles across all platforms.

Our approach

Search/results Process
Responsive solution for all users in variety of locations/situations.
Admin App allowing scania resellers to add machines to marketplaces
Style Guide /our interpretation of the brand within a digital space
allowing operators to increase their efficiency and performance


  • Simple animations to add to the user feel
  • Empathy with the user
  • UI best practices
  • Replicate the paper based system

Brand focussed

  • Follows brand guidelines
  • System of design elements sympathetic to guidelines
  • Font hierarchy & colours

Ease of use - tool

  • Printable PDF generation
  • Offline mode
  • Audit trail of all loaned vehicles
  • Work offline & synchronise data
Foreground image

Search and Deliver

Focus on the Search feature and deliver a considered list of results. Often can be done badly.
Uses a sound practice approach, simple and intuitive interface that gets users immediately to their results.
Sensible and ordered results allowing users to find out more about specific vehicles.

Reinforce overall idea + Scanning

Something about accessibility, use on ipad out of office? What’s the benefits of it being on the ipad
An on site vehicle inspector/valuer can use their device to manage a new listing.
Simply scanning a vehicle VIN number accesses a suite of data relating to the machine. This can then be simply managed and used by the employee to update the list of vehicles available throughout Scania marketplace.
Used by Sales team to sell from?

Interpreting the brand

Scania products are renowned for being functional, stylish and extremely well engineered and our solution had to match those brand values. In fact we had to do more and take traditional brand guidance and translate them into contemporary UX+D best practice. This led to a slick, smart, and trim interface with touches of trimmed styling. Just as one of their machines, this app had to deliver an experience that felt fit for the future.

The outcome

The Camra beer festival app saw over 1000 downloads through Android devices and more than 1300 Apple downloads. It also saw almost 10,000 comments and ratings made through the app over the course of the festival.

In addition, the rating succeeded in helping generate some friendly competition between breweries while also providing them with real-time feedback on their products.

Most importantly, through signposting and up to date information, the app was able to help a large number of people find and sample beers to which they otherwise wouldn’t have had access.


Vehicle out


Handovers made


Happy customers

“Trust you are well, the VODAFONE APP has been well received by staff and clients that have been shown.”

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