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With 1,500 young athletes soon to kick off their 2019 season, Sport England and Youth Sport Trust were looking for new ways to support the UK’s top talent.

Taking their existing E-learning platform, YST came to us with a view to develop an M-learning platform that would help the families of future Olympians build a strong footing at a pivotal point in their children’s lives.

Our approach

YST had more than enough content for the build of the new Performance Parent app but required a digital agency to review, repurpose and reformat the existing E-learning platform. We approached the project with a strong focus on the User Experience (UX) to convert the old content into useful, mobile-friendly material.

Building in a mix of interactive elements, an intuitive notebook and a custom notification system, we ensured the native iOS and Android app made the most of the mobile experience, whilst minimising the client’s need to provide new content.


  • User-first UI design
  • Interactive UX
  • Native iOS & Android

Accessible information

  • On/Offline capability
  • Dynamic content
  • M-learning design principles

Elite development journal

  • Personalised notifications
  • Custom action points
  • Interactive notebook
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Much work was needed to apply a mobile approach to the existing E-learning platform, so we carefully segmented and combined the content where appropriate in order to provide the best possible UX. By collaborating the subject knowledge of the YST team with the UI & UX expertise at AtomicMedia, the resulting iOS & Android app couldn't have been better-suited to mobile learning.

Incorporating videos, animations, infographics and interactive elements, the app ensures the content is optimised to the mobile platform, offering an improved learning experience.

Accessible information

It was key to make all information on the app as easily-digested as possible, due to the volume and variety of modules to choose from. Quick-read content, simple navigation and a ‘favouriting’ function ensure the subject matter is quick to access and easily absorbed, bypassing a lengthy (and possibly tedious) learning process.

With stadium roofs blocking 4G - and trials taking place in remote locations - the YST Performance Parent app uses 100% offline content, allowing the user to access it whenever and wherever they need to. Whether at the training ground, on the way to a match or on the field just after a loss, the performance parent can always access the right content at the right time.

Custom action points

The app’s content is wide-ranging, catering to over 10 different sports and a variety of age brackets. With such broad content, the user had to be able to interact with the content in a way that’s personal to them and their child’s development.

Featuring custom action-setting functionality, the app allows the user to add notes and reflections on the content to refer back to at a later date. The ability to set timed push notifications based on these actions ensures they’re reminded of the content’s key principles in the right place at the right time.

The outcome

The Performance Parent app has been able to remove previous barriers in making research-led content easily accessible, both in location and cost, to parents and guardians of elite young athletes. 

Launching the app on time and on budget allowed YST to release the app ahead of their first event of the 2019 season, for British Cycling. The native app will continue to be rolled out across other national sporting bodies as part of this collaboration project and will, in turn, continue to support the development of young athletes for the foreseeable future.






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“It’s been a pleasure working with the guys at AtomicMedia on our Performance Parent app project. They took on our challenging brief and even more challenging schedule without blinking and they delivered on time and on budget.”

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