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iOS / Android / UX / UI + D

Having worked with JCB for many years and being a trusted partner we were approached to develop an app to be the ultimate salesperson's toolkit and reduce the requirement for expensive multi lingual print runs.


As a direct replacement for printed materials JCB were keen to reap the benefits of using new technologies. Starting with the current printed brochures, we sourced assets, photos and 3d renderings to use in a slick iOS app. We then looked at how we could add value through additional media that wasn’t available in a printed form. This included videos, hotspots, 360 spin arounds and in cab panoramas driven by the device's gyroscope.

In order to reduce effort and user input requirements, we planned a system that would be both robust, flexible and easy to use. From suggesting an universal API that could future proof new products, to designing a modular download access system linked to JCB’s internal systems, down to incorporating the DAM (digital asset management) system that runs the website, we worked with JCB to scope the architecture required.

Offline storage

  • JCB Sales team operate in the field
  • Offline storage and update management
  • User management and lock down
  • Updates and synchronisation

Sales toolkit

  • Product imagery, videos & 3D models
  • In cab panoramas
  • Spec comparisons
  • PDF literature
  • Support sales person's knowledge


  • Remove complexity
  • Present data in an interesting and easily digestible manner
  • Add interest
  • Assist sales person
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Offline content

One of the key requirements was that the app should be able to work offline. Salespeople often visit customers at their own premises where a wifi connection or a 3G signal might not be readily available. We developed a system that allowed JCB to create downloadable machine sales modules.

Lets work it out

Feature and benefits are one thing, but being able to convert this into tangible information can be difficult. With this in mind we created a series of calculators that could help the salesperson explain benefits, spec the correct equipment or calculate direct savings.

Adding some gloss

By working with the in built hardware technology we included features such as in-cab panoramas linked to the device gyroscope, swipe functionality to rotate 3D models of the machines, and interactive hotspots.

Adding some gloss

The outcome

From its beginnings as an iOS only app, we were asked to redevelop the core features as an android app in order to support other countries who had invested in Android devices. Due to the early separation of data and content, this was a smaller project, allowing us time to concentrate on the platform differences.

We still continue to support this app and add additional functionality and improvements. The system has been running since 2011 and continues to be a key sales tool today.






Years in operation

“The Hub has dramatically improved my sales pitch. Presenting key features and benefits with video and 3D animations really helps customer engagement.”

JCB France

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