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Innovation and ambition are at the heart of JCB which has led to the development of JCB Explore – a digital space for educational, immersive and inspirational content at its core. In the light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, JCB identified the needs of ‘locked-down’ households calling for interactive and engaging content. 

The renewed vision for JCB Explore was to create a hub that encourages relationships between JCB and their fans. JCB wanted to highlight the core values of Entertainment, Real-World Experiences and Education, and also incorporate  their range of supporting merchandise for younger and older audiences.

Our approach

We strongly believe that a collaborative design process is essential in order to form a greater understanding of our client’s intentions, aims and objectives. Following our core values of Discovery, Creation, Building and Delivering, we immersed ourselves into the extensive JCB Explore product range including specifically-tailored ranges such as My First JCB. This allowed us to rapidly gain an understanding and establish clear project goals. We were also able to identify and target specific content that we new would perform strongly from an SEO perspective. This was key to forming a comprehensive strategy to implement and deliver this project.

It quickly became apparent that JCB’s concept of ‘Constructive Play’ had been undervalued and presented an opportunity to harness this theme. Constructive Play, therefore, became the basis of our solution - unifying integral ideas and values, together with the key elements within JCB Explore.

This close attention to detail allowed for a rapid design process by repurposing existing JCB assets. This modular approach meant we were able to incorporate an undisrupted flow into our development whilst also creating a fully bespoke CMS to give JCB full control of the site.

Explore together

  • Workshops and immersion
  • Content review and teardowns
  • Strategic planning
  • IA, Wireframing and user journeys
  • Testing and Validation

Activate, educate and inspire

  • Holistic hub for complementary content
  • Reveal and build on existing JCB values
  • Deliver relevant content for audiences
  • Seamlessly connect areas of content
  • Foster and forge long-term relationships

Design, deliver and support

  • Modular approach allowing for future flex
  • Imagery that showcases constructive play
  • Simple and easy CMS system
  • Ongoing development of content strategy

Explore together

By collaborating with JCB, we were able to gain a full understanding of JCB’s product ranges, unique features and their approach to merchandising strategies.

Adopting a user-centred approach, we initially developed insights into the behaviours, needs and goals of specific groups of users by creating in-depth user stories and journeys. By immersing ourselves with the available assets, we identified and gathered strong imagery, demonstrating JCB’s products in real-life scenarios.

Our experience of e-commerce best practices enabled us to create a foundation to implement across the entirety of JCB Explore, to fill out a fuller and expansive user experience.

Activate, educate and inspire

By conducting extensive research, we discovered and repurposed an existing theme of ‘Constructive Play’ – a theme that strongly aligned with JCB’s core values and formed the basis for all content on the new site.

Through careful consideration of the end-users and the strategy for JCB Explore which is "to inspire the future generation of innovators", provided a clear vision for us to follow. Concentrating on the user became paramount throughout, especially due the implications of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns which followed – highlighting a growing need for educational and inspiration content.

We also audited all existing content in order to identify what needed to be retained as well as defining a long-term content strategy, which would ensure content always remains fresh and relevant to its audience.

Sensible, good practice

Moving away from the pre-existing site structure, we were able to develop a new ‘fit for purpose’ approach with established good practice at its core. This involved creating refined categorisation of products and content, converting simple, clear funnels into products groups – resulting in more intuative navigation, directing users to the products they are interested in.

We believe that UX and UI should always go together – which is why we ensured that UX fundamentals were combined with solid UI principles guaranteeing consistency across the site. This was further supported through the introduction of supportive moments that would encourage deeper engagement and awareness across the entire JCB Explore offering.

As with all innovation, you learn from trial and error. This is why we included a phase of user testing to not only validate but also challenge our thinking and designs at the prototyping stage. This was invaluable as quick, useful and major lessons were learnt along the way whilst also showcasing to the JCB team we were right in our combined decision making.

Design and deliver

At AtomicMedia, we believe that the user should always be at the heart of design. By gathering a greater understanding of the JCB Explore users, we were able to achieve a balance between UX and UI. This user-driven approach is paramount for an optimised user experience across specific devices, and for targeted users.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the JCB digital estate would also prove to be beneficial in enabling us to translate their brand guidelines and visual language. The modular design used would allow us to use large inspiring imagery, clear call to actions and messaging to not only capture users' attention but to communicate the core theme of constructive play.

Built and launched with a supporting CMS system providing greater flexibility – allows JCB Explore to be easily updated and evolve throughout the coming years.

Support and develop

The design process did not end at the launch of JCB Explore, as we continue to work closely with JCB to further develop the site to maximise its potential.  Social content has been developed to build awareness and engagement. This forms part of a longer-term content and SEO stratagy that AtomicMedia has also been appointed to deliver.

Our mission with JCB Explore was to create a digital space that delivers content and is accessible to families not only in rural areas but also in more urban settings. We are already seeing success with our approach as families, carers and parents continue to look for educational activities that occupy and entertain their children.

The outcome

We believe that preparation and planning is paramount to successfully delivering any project. By setting a concentrated timeframe we were able to define, design and deliver an immediate and live solution which is already delivering a return on investment for JCB.

We understand the importance of the users in the design process and therefore place them at the heart of our thinking. Although the majority of the JCB Explore content may be aimed at a younger audience, we were also mindful to include older JCB enthusiasts and ensure content also aligned with their needs.

The renewed vision of JCB Explore was to always provide a digital space that would be inspiring and engaging for all its users, and build relationships between JCB, children and their families. Our solution delivered this vision in a fuller, simpler and more accessible digital product.

“I've been hugely impressed with how AtomicMedia have taken the many strands and challenges we laid out for them and calmly shaped up an engaging new digital space for our kids and family audience. The result is already delivering significant increases in conversion and impressive SEO progression within the first few months.”

Senior Licensing Manager - JCB

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