What the heck is... dynamic email?

23rd April 2019
What the heck is... dynamic email?

In the past 20 years the internet has seen numerous advances in technology, programming languages and ideas. One thing that hasn’t moved on much since the year 2000 though is trusty old email... until now.

Internet browsers have been the real team-players up to this point; having added support for lots of new features, HTML styles and performance improvements, they’ve been the main driver pushing internet technology forward. Most email clients support an extremely limited set of HTML and CSS in comparison, resulting in the long sighs and rolled eyes of many designers, developers and marketers over recent years.

This is all proposed to change now with Google’s proposal of their new AMPHTML (behind which Microsoft have thrown their support as well).

This stands for Accelerated Mobile Page Hyper Text Markup Language. Let’s not get too technical though...

Essentially, this new development will allow us to make email more interactive and dynamic than what we currently have. It’ll allow a user to take actions directly in the email rather than having to click a link and be taken to a website. Examples include replying to an RSVP directly or browsing a catalogue.

Pinterest has picked up on the possibilities of dynamic email very quick. Soon, you’ll be able to choose an image board to save without having to leave the email at all.  

Another fine example from Google is the ability to update and reply to comments on a Google Doc without having to open it.

Our verdict

Is this the future of email? Maybe.

Hopefully more email clients will get on board and we’ll get wide support for all email clients (dynamic email is only supported by Google’s email service at the moment). It is in a preview stage to some Microsoft users however it won’t be available to general Microsoft users unti later this year.

It’s certainly an improvement from what we currently have and should allow us to do better, more creative things with email in the future.

Keep an eye on developments in dynamic email.

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