What the heck is... an instant app?

2nd April 2019
What the heck is... an instant app?

Take a quick glance at your phone. How many of those apps did you download once, only to never open them again? If you’re anything like me, it will be a lot.

This is the issue that Instant Apps are meant to address.

In simple terms, an Instant App is a cut-back version of a standard Android app, that can be run on your phone without installing anything.

Sounds great.

And access is super easy too - simply click on ‘Try Now’ on any app with Instant App functionality in the Google Play Store, or by clicking on a normal web link, and you’re into the full app experience.

Furthermore, Instant Apps allow their content to be accessible outside of the app so it can appear in search results like a website. This is a bit of a game changer.

Our verdict 

Instant Apps are great for games and occasional-use apps. It’s not quite as easy to implement as Google make out in their marketing material, but if you structure your app with this in mind from the start it definitely makes life easier.

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