The rise of the enterprise mobile app

3rd July 2019
The rise of the enterprise mobile app

It’s hard to remember, but there was a time, not too long ago, when you couldn’t check your bank balance, order a pizza, hire a taxi or share pictures of your dinner with just a few taps of your phone screen.

In just a few short years, smartphone technology has changed the way we do nearly everything, from managing our finances, to interacting with friends, to buying a house. And nowhere is this more true than in the world of business.

AtomicMedia are proud to have been among the first to identify the business potential of smartphone apps and to see the benefit of the less frivolous application of mobile technology. This year marks the tenth anniversary of our first app which was a dealer locator for JCB, developed for iOS, Android and BLACKBERRY.

Since then, mobile technology has advanced considerably and, by keeping abreast of developments, so too has our knowledge and expertise. By embracing new and emerging technology, we have developed numerous business-focused mobile apps that combine a range of cutting-edge features, from the motion sensor capabilities of the earlier smartphones, to augmented reality, and now on to virtual reality.

By producing countless smartphone apps for business purposes, we have also developed a sound understanding of the various applications for the technology. This helps us advise on the best solution using the technology available.


Software has been employed by businesses to help with productivity since the dawn of the personal computer. Smartphone technology enables you to take this further. With a smartphone in every pocket, you can provide your staff with the tools they need to make their jobs even easier and, consequently, make your business more efficient. Whether that’s an integrated scanner for delivery tracking; fleet management software that enables you to track the whereabouts of your vehicles; or a translator that enables your staff to communicate more effectively with your customers.

Finance Management and Reporting

By integrating with your CRM and other reporting software, smartphone apps can be developed to provide you with at-a-glance reporting dashboards. This helps sales teams keep a closer eye on revenue and pipeline, as well as highlighting where there is a shortfall.

Project Management

Whether you want a simple to-do list or a complex Prince 2 based project management tool, a mobile app can be developed to help you stay on top of your project.


A Smartphone app can be developed to support your HR teams with inducting new staff. It can provide them with a checklist of policies and procedures to read, together with a test for each one as evidence they have read them, as well as map to departments, welcome videos and key information, such as door codes and key contacts, enabling new staff to get started more quickly. In the Discover app we developed for Vodafone, we also included Augmented Reality (AR) for additional interactivity. Key information was presented in posters around the Vodafone campus. These posters then activated additional content within the app, combining animations and interactive presentations to provide the user with further information and creating additional engagement. 

Sales Processes

Mobile apps can be used to simplify and streamline the sales process, allowing for greater conversion rates. With a smartphone or tablet in hand, a salesperson can demonstrate a product, specify it with the customer present to select their requirements and preferences. The salesperson can then capture the customer’s details in situ to be logged within the CRM, and generate a quote on the spot. This is a technique we have employed to great effect on numerous occasions with clients selling products with complex specification variances, such as JCB machinery, Scania trucks and even John Lewis curtains. 

Because smartphone technology is continuously evolving, we ensure to maintain our knowledge and keep up to date in order to provide new, exciting and (above all else) valuable solutions for the businesses we serve.

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