If you are not moving forward…

18th March 2020
If you are not moving forward…

Safe to say, in 21 years we’ve not seen anything like the current crisis and whether you agree with the restrictions, partake in the panic, feel excited at the prospect of 24-hour Netflix binges or would rather just get the whole thing over and done with, there’s no denying the significant impact that Coronavirus is having on our lives.   

But the one question on everyone’s mind is where the heck is this all going to lead?

Already we’ve seen airlines grounded, retailers pulling down the shutters and JCB and Rolls Royce being asked to make ventilators instead of diggers and jet engines.

So, aside from a knight in shining armour riding out of Westminster, what can companies do to reduce the risk for their team, whilst at the same time keeping their focus on the fact that, at some point, things will be back to normal. 

And let’s face it, at that point it will be like a gold-rush as companies supercharge their way back to business-as-usual, desperate to make up for losses incurred now.     

We’re pretty lucky. As a multi-site digital team, we’re well-prepared for events that may restrict physical access, and over the last fortnight we have been stress-testing our existing remote working operations to ensure that projects continue to move forward with minimal delays.

We have long-embraced tools such as Slack, Zoom, Zeplin, Basecamp and InVision as well as Google Drive to ensure our teams can work on and off-site, and their use has become central to our operations. 

So really, nothing changes. 

And history shows us that businesses who continue to move forward at difficult times will blossom once these times pass. And pass they will.  

We’ve already started working with a number of clients to ensure they’re fully prepared for the market bouncing back, so they can capitalise where others have not been as well prepared. And whether this is taking the opportunity to work on the business, or pushing on with projects that will deliver a competitive edge, continuing to move forward at this remarkable time has never been more vital.

Stay safe.

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