10 lessons learned from a decade of building apps: Lesson 9 - Maintenance and future-proofing

17th December 2019
10 lessons learned from a decade of building apps: Lesson 9 - Maintenance and future-proofing

When you embark on an app development project, even if you believe you’ve factored in every variable, unless you really know what you are letting yourself in for, there will be additional costs that appear along the way.

Whether that’s additional time spent reworking elements following testing, or upgrades to the infrastructure following an operating system update or new phone release. This is why it is so important to have the experience from the outset, or to engage somebody who does.

One of the most costly mistakes made in app design is the failure to develop it with maintenance and future-proofing in mind. However well-designed and well thought out your app may be at launch, it will very quickly go out of date and start to lose its user base unless it remains fresh and up to date and compatible with current operating systems and technology.

Before you know it, you’re going to have to build an entirely new app, unless you build your app with front end and back end scalability.

Content Management

A content management system will allow you and your staff to quickly and easily update the content within the app.

Fresh, up to date content will increase user engagement, while the ability to change the structure will also help you to react to user behaviour and feedback.


As well-polished as your app may be at launch, you will need to update it regularly to keep it compatable with current operating systems and mobile technology.

All too frequently, an operating system update will damage the functionality of an untended app, or even render it unusable while the app updates are taking place. This will impact dramatically on your user base. With the resource required to maintain an app on an ongoing basis, it’s often simpler and more cost effective to engage an app development agency to keep their eye on the updates and make sure your app remains functional and effective.

Get it right from the start

I’ve said this so many times in the course of these articles, but it really is essential to plan for every eventuality right from the very beginning. If you are unaccustomed to app development – even if you’ve developed a couple of apps in the past – it’s so easy to miss something critical in the planning stages.

This is why we recommend you engage an app development agency right from the start to ensure you’ve got your bases covered and that there are no costly surprises that spring up during the development and subsequent life-cycle of the app.

Having developed mobile apps for 10 years now, we at AtomicMedia have learned these lessons so that you don’t need to. 

If you’d like to discuss your app idea or ways in which an app could help your business, talk to AtomicMedia today and get us involved on the ground floor for a successful and sustainable mobile app.