AtomicMedia Completes Series of 5 DVDs for PDCS

AtomicMedia Completes Series of 5 DVDs for PDCS


My oh my, how far we’ve come since our last video update! During this time, we’ve completed the series of 5 Workshop DVDs for PDCS. Following on from the success of ‘Staff Development’, the following four have been finished and are being used for the Working Together Workshops, as we speak. The final DVD, an informational video about their ‘Insight’ programme, provides PDCS staff with further detail about the information that is available to their team. DVD 5 particularly put pressure on our creative team, as they were required to produce innovative and engaging ‘CSI-style’ graphics, to complement the statistical content of the DVD - which they obviously completed brilliantly!

In addition to the internal PDCS audience, the video was also shown during a ministerial visit – and we can tell you both audiences were delighted with the final product, and so were we!

It won’t be too long until the video is added to our gallery and you can have a cheeky look... so stay tuned!


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